Ten Budget Friendly Plants For Your Garden



Cost: $6-$10

Lavender makes a wonderful border, grows well in pots, and smells terrific for potpourri, salts, and cooking.



Cost: $6

 Snapdragon can grow in both cool and warm temperatures. Their variety of bright colors will make a statement to all your neighbors.


Cost: $1-$4

To make a big statement plant cleome to your sunny areas. They will hold their ground June to frost!


Cost: $8

Caladiums are the perfect plant to add some extra color to your shaded gardens.

Maiden Grass


Maiden Grass grows really well in dry areas. They grow about four feet tall and look really well against modern style homes.


Cost: $4

 Not only are these plants gorgeous they are also eatable and can be used as an herb for cooking purposes.

Yaupon Holly

Cost: $12-$30

Yaupon holly can grow 15 feet or higher. In the winter they produce beautiful red berries that bring color to your winter landscaping.


Cost: $7-$40

If you are looking to fill in some space these beautiful shrubs with their waterfall like stems will do the job.


Cost: $10-$25

These babies are potent, just one plant will fill your yard with vibrant smells.

Apple Tree

Cost: $10-$20

Apple trees bloom fragrant pink blossoms first and then followed by the juicy apples. You can also train the branches to make beautiful and unique shapes.