Do you talk to your plants?

(Don’t worry; this isn’t a psyche evaluation.)

If your answer to the question is no, you might want to reconsider having a nice chat with your leafy friends.

Here is why you should talk to your plants.

In 1848, a German professor named Gustav Fechner was the first to suggest that if plants are spoken to, they will grow stronger and healthier. Countless studies and much research followed the unorthodox suggestion. He inspired other scientists and researchers to dig further into this theory and see if it were possible. Rich Marini of Penn’s State Horticulture Department was one such scientist.

Marini claimed that many factors, such as vibration, can influence plant growth. Because sound resonates with vibration, it’s likely that when we talk to our plants, they are responding to the vibration in our voice. Korean researchers published their results of a study in 2007 that went along with Marini’s same hypothesis. They tested playing sounds at 70 decibels (close to the same volume people generally speak) near the plants, and they responded. During the process, the plant’s genes became active – even more so when the frequency was increased.

talk to your plants

We learned the basics of biology in our 7th grade science class – unless you slept through that lesson. Tsk. Tsk. Our stuffy, monotone science professor taught us that in order for plants to grow, they need water, air, nutrients, and sunlight. Nobody said anything about speaking to them. If you think about it, as humans, we enjoy conversation… for the most part. Social engagement is part of our natural growth; everyone needs to feel loved and supported. Why should plants be any different? I mean, they need oxygen, just like we do. They need water, just like we do. Needing a little social interaction makes perfect sense. If you’re busy and don’t have time to sit down and talk to your plants, set your smartphone next to it and play some music.

Whether you talk to your plants with admiration and appreciation, or you talk to your plants with slander and shame, it might not make much of a difference. MythBusters did an experiment where they took 60 pea plants and divided them into 3 groups and placed each group in a different greenhouse. Each greenhouse had a different soundtrack playing. The first groups soundtrack included love and praise. The second soundtrack had nothing but insults. And the third was just pure silence. After 60 days they discovered that the third greenhouse that was mute produced the worst results. The plants that heard the insults didn’t vary in growth compared to the plants that were loved and praised. As long as those plants hear you, good or bad, they’ll grow a little stronger.

talk to your plants

There may not be enough substantial evidence to prove this theory right now, but it isn’t going to hurt; So talk to your plants! If you don’t have any yet, go out and buy a beautiful house plant because they’re good for you! Here’s a post that proves it. Plus, a new plant would be the perfect addition to your brand new apartment!